Quiz 3 Questions

Hello Ideas In Antiquity class,

Here are a list of questions from Books Six, Seven, Eight that the Arete group has compiled in order to assist the class in its studies. Tomorrow’s quiz questions will be pulled from this list. We hope to see you all succeed. Good luck!

Thank you,

Book 6

1. What is Panthea’s husbands name? (Chapter 1)
– Abradatas

2. Who begged Cyrus to remain campaigning, he who was supposedly led by Hystaspas? (Chapter 1)
– Gadatas

3. Who did Cyrus send as a scout to Lydia to learn what the Assyrian was doing? (Chapter 1)
– Araspas

4. How did Abradatas repay Cyrus for the good he had done?
(Chapter 1)

– Became Cyrus’s friend, attendant & ally
5. What was the delegation that Cyrus received from the Indian [King]? (Chapter 2)
– Money

6. Who was chosen as the leader for the Assyrian’s and all of the assembled enemies? (Chapter)
– Croesus

7. What did Cyrus and his troops plan after hearing the Assyrian’s plan? (Chapter 2)
– Quick Attack, basically go against them as quickly as possible

Book 7

1. What is the Egyptian’s method of attack?
– to gather around from all sides (encircle Cyrus’ phalanx)

2. What is a phalanx?
-an infantry

3. Who are the Persians going to battle with?
-The Egyptians

4. Did Cyrus and the Persians win or lose the battle?
-They won the battle.

5. What does Cyrus negotiate with the Egyptians?
– a gift of land, women and servants to those who stay with Cyrus

6. Where did Cyrus go after the battle against the Egyptians?

7. Why did the Chaldeans have to leave the Persian army?
– They were robbing houses of valuables

8. How did Abradatas die?
– He died by driving his chariot into the Egyptians

9. What did Abradatas’ wife, Panthea do after she mourned over her dead husband?
– Panthea committed suicide/ stabbed herself

10. Who did Cyrus send to mediate the Carians’ disagreement?
-Adousius (pg. 217).

11. Who did Cyrus send to Phrygia to take over their lands?
– Hystaspas and Adousius (pg. 218-219)

12. What weapon did Cyrus consider to be most servile?
– A sling (pg. 219-220).

13. How did Cyrus make it into Babylon?
– He opened the mouths of the trenches during one of the Babylonian festivals (pg.222).

14. How did Gadatas and Gobryas thank Cyrus for leading them to the Assyrian king?
– They kissed  Cyrus’ feet and hands (pg. 224).

15. What did Chrysantas propose to be advantageous to Cyrus?
– For him to receive a home. (pg. 227)

16. What home did Cyrus take over?
– The old palace of the Assyrian king (pg. 227)

17. Who did Cyrus make into his door men because he thought them most faithful?
-Eunuchs (pg. 228)

Book 8

1. What are Cyrus’ three superlative traits?
A: Philanthropia, philomatheia, and philotimia.

2. Who is in charge of determining which gods Cyrus sacrifices to?
A: The Magi.

3. What did Cyrus do to those who did not report at his gates?
A: He inquired after them and punished them by giving their belongings to someone else and postponing their trials.

4. What good did Cyrus give as a way to honor his subjects?
A: Food.

5. What did Croesus criticize Cyrus about?
A: Croesus thought Cyrus gave away too many things.

6. What was Cyrus called when he died?
A: Father.

7. What did Cyrus do for those who he felt needed military exercise?
A: He took them hunting.

8. How did Cyrus prove Croesus’ assertion wrong?
A: He ordered to Hystaspas to go to all of his friends saying he needed money and how much they would lend him. As Xenophon states, “. . .on calculation Croesus found out that there was many times as much as he had told Cyrus he would now have in his treasuries if he gathered it together” (244).

9. Who was the one who led the processional in the beginning of Chapter 3  of Book 8?
– Pheraulas the Persian

10. Who Led the FIRST 10, 000 knights in the Processional?
– Chrystantas

11. who was the one gave Pheraulas the horse after hitting im with a clod?
– The Sacian Youth

12. What was the name of the Cadusians who was victorious in his race on the country side?
– Rhathines

13. Who was the one who instructed Cyrus to sacrifice accordingly to the gods?
– The magi

14. Who was under Gobryas’s command in Cyrus’s house?
– the Mace Bearers

15. who said, “You Must Dance the Persian Dance”?
– Artabazus

16. Who did Cyrus give to Gobryas as a husband for his daughter?
– Hystaspas

17. Why was Chrystantas, sat in a higher position than Hystaspas?
-He Did things above and beyond the call of duty

18. How does Cyrus adorn himself?
-By adorning his friends more than himself

19. What are satraps?
– A satrap is the name given to the governors of the provinces of ancient Median Empire.

20. What land did Cyrus have control over?
– Cyrus had a big Empire; the Indian Ocean bounded it to the East, the Black Sea to the north, Cyprus and Egypt to the West and Ethiopia to the south.

21.Where did Cyrus live?
-He stayed in Babylon around wintertime, spring in Susa and summer in Ecbatana.

22. How did Cyrus know that his death was imminent?
-He had a dream about it where a “spirit” told him to get ready and that he would be going away soon.

23. What did he do after his dream?
-He made sacrifices on the mountain peaks to Zeus, the Sun and other Gods.

24. Who became the new kingship
-Cambyses inherited from it being the eldest brother.

25. What did Tanaoxares inherited?
-He got the satrapy over the Medes, the Armenians and the Cadusians and happiness more free from pain.

26. What did Cyrus ask his children to do of his corpse?
-He wished to be returned to earth as quickly as possible.

27. Who did Cyrus marry?
– He married Cyaxares’daughter.

28. What did Cyrus wait before accepting Cyaxares’daughter?
– Cyrus waited on the approval of his mother and father.

29. What did Cyrus offer to Cyaxares?
– He offered him official buildings in Babylon as well as other beautiful things.

30. What did Cyaxares offer Cyrus as dowry?
– All of Media

31. What did Cambyses say to the Persian?
– He said that after his death, Cyrus would be the king of Persia.


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