Leadership Profile Interview Questions

1.      What first lead you to take on the leadership role that you are now in? What is your motivation to continue?
2.      Do you feel that the way you were raised or certain childhood experiences helped you to develop traits for becoming a successful leader?
3.      How do you handle dealing with “difficult” people or situations?
4.      How do you deal with the pressures that come with your role?
5.      What do you think is the most important trait a leader should have? Do you think you have fully developed this trait in yourself?
6.      When did you realize that you were a leader?
7.      When leadership starts to feel like a burden, how do you handle it?
8.      To what extent do you as a leader consider follower’s opinions when making important decisions?
9.      Do you inspire fear in your followers? If yes, how so?
10.  What is the most challenging thing you have dealt with as a leader?
11.  What are your 3 year or 5 year goals?
12.  What steps or positions made you the leader you are today? (Evolution of Leadership)
13.  What advice would you give your past self or someone else about leading others?
14.  To what extent are morals involved in making decisions as a leader for yourself and your followers?
15.  How do you handle subordinates that undermine your authority?
16.  How do leaders avoid becoming corrupt?
17.  What is the worst decision you’ve made as a leader?
18.  Do you ever self-evaluate your leadership? If so, how?
19.  Do you ask the opinion of your followers? If so, do you truly value their opinion or do you just ask to make them feel like they had a say?
20.  What traits did you possess as a child that resembled traits of a leader? Did you always want to be a leader?
21.  How do you keep a balance between praise and reprimand of your subordinates? What challenges do you face as a leader?
22.  How did you hone in on your leadership capabilities?
23.  Philanthropia is a Greek term that translates to mean “love of humanity,” do you feel you possess this trait? If yes how is it shown in your leadership? And if no, how is your leadership affected?
24.  What physical characteristics do you have that may hinder and/or enhance your leadership?
25.  How do handle subordinates who are simply seeking a position to either take your place or gain another of their interest; also known as “ladder climbers.”
26.  Good leadership is often measured on ones ability to maintain equilibrium and harmony. How do you achieve this?
27.  What is the driving force behind your leadership?
28.  How you do praise and punish your subordinates? How often do you do this?
29.  Explain the relationship between your and your followers.
30.  What type of leadership style do you take on when it comes to dealing with your followers?
31.  What other leaders (past or present) do you admire or look up to? What about their leadership skills do you emulate?
32.  Do you attempt to lead from a position of ‘fear’ or ‘love’? How so?
33.  Do you maintain your leadership position among intellectual and ‘status’ equals? Why or why not?
34.  How do you encourage creative thinking and maintain an “open-to-suggestions” atmosphere with your subordinates, without losing your sense of authority.
35.  Does spirituality come into play in your leadership style, and if so to what extent do your spiritual beliefs direct your decision making within your leadership position?
36.  Have you always considered yourself to be or seen yourself as a leader, and if not when do you feel you began to take on the traits of a leader?
37.  How do you keep your subordinates motivated and encouraged, as well as in constant remembrance of the goals and values of your organization?
38.  What are some day to day steps you take in order to ensure that you continue to grow as a leader?
39.  What would you say are the most important aspects of your organization that drive you as well as your subordinates? Could it be a common goal or vision, or even core values?


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