Quiz 4 Questions

What is the Greek word for a lofty/ambition spirit? Megalopyschia.

What is the Greek word for courage? Andria.

Who were the Hellenes? The Greeks.

What is the Greek word for piety or devotion? Eusebeia.

Three Cyprian Oration

Who were Telamons’ sons?
Answer: Ajax and Teucer.

Who was Peleus’ son?
Answer: Achilles.

Who reclaimed Salamis from the Phoenicians’?
Answer: Evagoras.

 What is the Greek word for a return to kingship?
Answer: Kathodos.

What three traits distinguished Evagoras when he was a boy?
Answer: Beauty, Strength, and Modesty.

Isocrates says that Evagoras acts in accordance with rectitude and justice but that several of Cyrus’s acts were what?
Answer: Not in accordance with religion.

 Who was the first man of the Hellenes?
Answer: Conon.

 What form of assault did the Evagoras and Conon use to reclaim their land from the Lacedaemonians?
Answer: Naval Engagement.

 Who succeeded Evagoras?
Answer: Nicocles/Nikokles.

 Which of Evagoras’s sons helped him battle the Persians?
Answer: Pyntagoras.

How does the Nikokles believe men should receive honor?
Answer: Nikokles believes men should receive honor according to their individual merits

 What form of government does Nikokles favor?
Answer:  Monarchy.

 Why does Nikokles favor a monarchy government?
Answer:  He believes that monarchies confer most on the best man, second honors on the man who comes next, and so on and so forth.

Why does the author feel that oligarchies and democracies are faulty?
Answer: He believes that oligarchies and democracies injure the public interests by reason of their contending ambitions

 What is the big difference does Nikokles see between oligarchies/democracies and monarchies?
Answer: In a monarchy, there is no tendency for jealousy as in a democracy/oligarchy, where everyone is in constant competition.

What about the Athenians did Nikokles highlight about moncarchies being the best for of leadership?
Answer: The Athenian state fails when it sends out a number of generals, but succeeds when it meets dangers by the employment of one only.

Who does Nikokles believe you should deliver good fortune to?
 Answer: Those who commit no offense at all.

 What does Nikokles propose that parents teach their children?
 Answer: To obey the king.

 How will Nikokles determine the miserable and unfortunate?
Answer: As those who have proved untrustworthy to those who trusted them.

 What does Nikokles believe will change his followers’ lives?
 Answer: Obedience and loyal service to him.

Who does Isocrates consider to be the most useful in poems and
in prose composition?
Answer: Those that give counsel.

Isocrates said to contemplate the chances and accidents that befall both ____ and _____.
Answer: Private individuals and princes.

Isocrates said, “It will be acknowledged that I have never yet done _____ to any man.”Answer: Wrong.

Isocrates said do not haste to be_____rather than to have a good reputation.
Answer: Rich.

Plato Republic

Who did Socrates want to live a life more blessedly happier than?
Answer: Olympian Victors. 

  What is Hesiod’s saying?
Answer: “The half is worth more than the whole.”

 What did Socrates say they should provide the children with when they’re small?
Answer: Horses to act as “wings.”

 How will the soldiers deal with their enemies? (The first recommendation)
Answer: Enslavement.

What could they not do to their enemies?
Answer: Strip them of their armor. (Known as Strip the Dead) 

 The name “civil war” applies to what?
Answer: Hostilities with one’s own.

 What law regarding war with other Greeks did they impose on the guardians?
Answer: Neither ravage the country nor burn the houses 

What is Socrates’ main point of argument in the passage?
Answer: Rulers should also be philosophers.

Why should philosophers rule the cities?
Answer: Philosophers hold truth and knowledge.

Who are considered philosophers according to Socrates?
Answer: Philosophers are people who desire wisdom, love the sight of truth, and have a knowledge of things.

What is the difference between a philosopher and a lover of “something”?
Answer: A lover of something only has an opinion of the thing, while a philosopher has knowledge of it.

What is the model of a good city that Socrates was trying to make?
Answer: Each citizen does what they have a propensity towards and performs his or her job to the best of his or her ability.

What is the difference between opinion and knowledge?
Answer: Knowledge is the ability to be able to understand something. An opinion is believing in something, but not in the thing itself.

Who were worthy of their names?
Answer: Rulers and Auxiliaries.

 Do you breed in from the youngest, the oldest, or those in their prime?
Answer: Those in their prime.

How did they make sex sacred?
Answer: By passing a law of marriage.

 How did they organize being married
Answer: Sophisticated Lotteries. 

 Who were made into Guardians?
Answer: The Best Men and Women.

A woman’s prime lasts for how long?
Answer: 20 years.

A man’s prime lasts for how long?
Answer: 30 years.

 What do rulers call each other?
Answer: Co-Rulers.

What was considered the “greatest good” within the city?
Answer: Wives and Children.

What are the Two Guardians that will stop a youngster from hitting an elder?
Answer: Shame and fear.


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