Quiz 5 Questions

“No Free Person Should learn like a…” What?
Answer: A Slave

How should you train/educate children?
Answer: By Playing

How were the Children brought into the wars?
Answer: On Horse back

Afterbeing aware of the Truth, what would lessen?
Answer: His Honor and Enthusiasm 

How old must you be to occupy young people’s offices?
Answer: 15-years-old

What did Socrates compare the effects of education and the lack of it on our nature to?
Answer: Humans living in a cave-like dwelling 

What does Socrates keep comparing education too?
Answer: The Soul

In a discussion with Adamants, what does Socrates say is the most important thing?
Answer: The form of the good

In a discussion with  Glaucon and Adeimantus, what does Socrates say sophisticated thinkers believe is the good?
Answer: Knowledge

In a discussion with Glaucon and Adeimantus, what does Socrates say is the connection between the sense of sight and the power to be seen?
Answer: Light

In a discussion with Glaucon and Adeimantus, what does Socrates say is the god in heaven that causes and controls this light?
Answer: The Sun

In a discussion with Glaucon, what does Socrates say is in the visible realm in relation to sight and visible things?
Answer:  The Sun

In a discussion with Glaucon, what does Socrates say happens to the soul when it is illuminated by the truth and what is?
Answer: Understanding

In a discussion with Glaucon, what does Socrates say happens to the soul when it is mixed with obscurity?
Answer: it opines and is dimmed.

In a discussion with Glaucon, what does Socrates say is the last subsection of the soul?
Answer: Imaging.

True philosophers are not lovers of what?
Answer: Ruling.

What does Socrates say Palamedes did to show up Agamemnon?
Answer: Invent numbers.

What is the first subject that Glaucon and Socrates agree naturally leads to understanding?
Answer: Counting; numbers and calculation

What name does Socrates give to things that go against sense perception and awaken the understanding?
Answer: Summoners.

What does Socrates have Glaucon look at in order to demonstrate his point about sense perception?
Answer: Three of his fingers.

Why is calculation important to a warrior?
Answer: For orderly ranks.

What second subject that leads to understanding did Glaucon and Socrates discuss?
Answer: Geometry.

What subject was Socrates attempting to develop when speaking with Glaucon?
Answer: Depths. (i.e. cubes)

Glaucon states 2 reasons to Socrates as to why his concept has not been developed. What are those 2 reasons?
Answer: No city values it; the researchers need a director.

According to the text, what subject deals with plane surfaces?
Answer: Geometry

According to the text, what does astronomy deal with?
Answer:  The motion of things having depth.

Besides geometry and astronomy, what is suggested for studying the sky?
Answer: Embroidery

What is a “dense interval”?
Answer: the smallest difference in pitch recognized in ancient music.

According tot the text, what mechanisms could possibly turn any agreement into knowledge when it begins with something unknown and puts together the conclusion and the steps in between from what is unknown?
Answer: Nothing

Socrates said that “What will surprise you most, when you hear it, is that each of the things we praised in that nature tends to corrupt the_____.
Answer: Soul

Socrates said that: “Now, I think that the _______ as we defined it will inevitably grow to possess every virtue if it happens to receive appropriate instruction”
Answer: Philosophic Nature

Socrates says the sophists whom he says do not preach wisdom, but rather their _____.
Answer: Opinions

Socrates says that the rulers that do want to become philosophers fall away from philosophy, and lead a false _____.
Answer: Life

Socrates claims that knowledge of the good is greater than ____.
Answer: Justice

What are Socrates and Adeimantus having a discussion about concerning philosophy?
Answer: The reasons philosophy is slandered.

Does Socrates suggest the constitution suitable for philosophers?
Answer: No it is not.

When is the best time for people to put their minds to youthful education and philosophy, according to Socrates?
Answer: As children

When is the best time for people to increase their mental exercises?
Answer: Once they are mature.

What other term can we use to refer to the guardians of a city?
Answer: Philosophers

When do people retire from politics and military service?
Answer: Once they are old.

What is the next step for these old people then?
Answer: Engage in philosophy.

What does every soul pursues?
Answer: The good.

What are Glaucon and Socrates trying to discover?
Answer: the difference between the just life and the unjust one

Who does Socrates suggest be the guardians of the city?
Answer: those who are capable of guarding the laws and the ways of life of the city

 What must philosophers be without?
Answer: Falsehood 

What does Socrates call Philosophers a lover of?
Answer: Wisdom

What does Socrates suggest Glaucon consider when judging a nature that is philosophical or not?
Answer: Pettiness

Does Socrates suggest a philosopher thinks that death is a terrible thing?
Answer: No

What does Adeimantus think about Socrates’ inquiries?
Answer: That they aren’t contradictable, and that they trap the hearers

What metaphor/simile does Adeimantus use to describe Socrates’ philosophies?
Answer: A ship and its sailors


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