Test Announcements!!

Hello Class,

As a reminder, the test is on Tuesday Oct. 2. Sophia will be preparing talking points for each of the 6 questions as the weekend goes on. The first question is up already courtesy of Lydia.

Here are 4 things Sophia wants you to keep in mind:

1. Dr. Sandridge will choose 4 of the 6 questions provided by our group, and the class will be asked to respond to 3 of the 4 questions that he chooses to provide on the exam

2. Since Dr. Sandridge and the class decided against some of the exam questions in favor of new ones, the group is creating completely new response examples for the new questions, but will post the remaining responses as SOON as possible!

3. Keep in mind that our responses are based on our own findings, and we have answered the questions to the best of our knowledge and will not receive approval of responses from Dr. Sandridge. We recommend that students find any supplemental points or passages if they feel that relevant information was left out, and ideally post any supplemental points onto the website comments so that the rest of the class can reap the potential benefits as well.

4. We have provided page and passage numbers for most examples, but don’t worry about remembering them for the exam! We put them there for your own reference purposes. Dr. Sandridge just wants to see that we remember specific details within the examples, not page numbers, although he would probably enjoy a chapter or book number if you can remember some of them on the exam.


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