Full Essay Question List

Sophia is working hard to give the class some discussions points to help study for the test. In the meantime, here is their official, Dr. Sandridge-approved list of questions, four of which will be asked on the test.
Happy Studying!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of possessing philotimia in leadership? Give examples from the readings.

. In what ways does the portrayal of Cyrus by Xenophon differ from the ways in which Isocrates portrays Cyrus? What may be the reasons for Isocrates and Xenophon to write such contrasting opinions of the same person? 
3. Compare and contrast the education of Plato and Cyrus.

4.Where do we see a leaders interests threatening the interests or good of the community? What are the solutions to these threats?
5. In what ways does Cyrus display his childhood lessons during his rise to power and does he continue to display these traits towards the end of the book?
6. How important is it for a leader to pass on their traits to their followers or to those who will inherit their position? Give examples from the readings.

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