Test 1 Question 6

In what ways does Cyrus display his childhood lessons during his rise to power and does he continue to display these traits towards the end of the book?
Childhood Lessons
                        -Justice, Continence in food & drink, moderation, and hunting
                        -Horseback riding
            Cambyses pg. 55
-How Cyrus must use his childhood lessons against his enemies. Pages 53-55
Throughout Cyrus’ campaign
            -There are many instances where Cyrus instructs his troops on moderation for example, page 135 where Cyrus tells his allies that they have many valuables and until they are divided up there will be constant problems.
-Although Cyrus is taught as a child not to lie, he sends Araspas to spy on the Assyrians. Pg. 182-183
Towards the end
            -Cyrus “continually made his benevolence of soul every bit as visible as he could” page. 240 section 1.
            -Towards the end Cyrus didn’t seem to do much in moderation. For example he held many big feasts. Book 8 Chapter 4.
-It is also said that Cyrus adopted Median ways which are very lavish compared to his Persian upbringings.

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