Quiz 7 Questions

What was Alexander struck with and where?
A: A club and upon his neck.

How many Indian Philosophers did Alexander take on his Voyage?
A: 10.

After Alexander asked each Indian Philosopher a question, what did he give them in return before they were dismissed?
A: Presents.

What did the Greeks call Sphines?
A: Calanus.

How long was the voyage down the river?
A: 7 months.

What is the name of the royal palace that Alexander was traveling to?
A: Gedrosia.

Who did Alexander kiss in the Royal palace of Gedrosia?
A: Bagoas.

Who divided Alexander’s government?
A: Olympias and Cleopatra.

Who gave directions to put a few to death?
A: The SoothSayers.

Alexander lost faith in the protection of whom?
A: The gods.

Who was bred in Greek manners?
A: Cassander.

Whose business was it to sacrifice, purify, and foretell the future?
A: Diviners and priests.

What game did Alexander play with Medius?
A: Dice.

Which day was it when Alexander moved to his palace across the river?
A: The 25th Day.

On which day does Alexander die?
A: The 28th Day.

Aristotle counseled whom?
A: Antipater.

Who was with child?
A: Roxanne.

According to Artisbolus, which day did Alexander die?
A: The 13th day.

What did the conquered nations begin to do in Alexander’s last year?
A: Revolt.

Who is Cleopatra?
A: Olympias’ daughter and Alexander’s sister.

Why did Alexander kill his commander Oxyartes?
A: He was one of the commanders who behaved ill.

What does Alexander distribute among the women in Persia?
A: Money.

Alexander found Cyrus’ sepulchre in what condition?
A: He found it opened and rifled.

What did the philosopher Calanus do at the same time Alexander visited Cyrus’ sepulchre?
A: He sacrificed himself.

Who does Alexander marry?
A: Darius’ daughter, Statira.

Who were the Macedonians jealous of in Alexander’s last year?
A: The thirty-thousand Persian boys.

What causes Alexander to cut off all the manes and tails of his horses and mules, throw down the battlements of neighboring cities, crucify the physician Glaucus, and kill the Cossaeans?
A: His sorrow for Hephaestion’s death.

What does the Greek word tolme mean?
A: Daring.

What was the punishment that Philotas received after great suspicion?
A: Seizure and torture.

Who was put to death in Media soon after Philotas?
A: Parmenio.

What did Alexander accuse Cleitus of?
A: Cleitus was pleading his own case, giving cowardice the name of misfortune.

What was Cleitus’ remark after Alexander’s accusations against him?
A: He said that Alexander thought too much of himself. (Alexander raised himself to the height of not claiming Philip as his own father, but claimed Ammon instead.)

What did Alexander do to Cleitus when Cleitus suggested he would rather converse with barbarians and slaves who would not bow to Alexander?
A: Alexander threw an apple at Cleitus, and then reached for his sword.

How did Alexander kill Cleitus during his second attempt?
A: Alexander drove a spear through Cleitus’ body.

What did Alexander attempt to do to himself after killing Cleitus?
A: Alexander attempted to drive a spear through his own throat.

Who didn’t return Callisthenes’ kiss offer?
A: Alexander.

What did Alexander suggest that Callisthenes say about the Macedonians?
A: Alexander suggested that Callisthenes speak about the Macedonians’ faults and dispraise them, saying that this will better them in the future.

What is the name of the river that separates the army of Alexander and Porus?
A: Hydaspes.

What type of animal does Porus use?
A: Elephants.

What new position does Porus take on?
A: He becomes a satrap.

How old was Bucephalus when he died?
A: 30 years old.

What is the reputation of the Mallians?
A: They are the bravest people of Indians.

How was Alexander wounded?
A: An arrow wounded him.

What does “gymnosophist” mean?
A: Naked philosopher.

Who did the gymnosophist persuade to revolt?
A: Sabbas.

What is the reputation of the gymnosophist?
A: They are ready and succinct in their answers.

Against whom did Alexander’s army refuse to engage in battle?
A: The kings of the Gandaritans and Praesians.

What hindered the army’s marching on their way to India?
A: The soldiers were burdened with booty.

How did Alexander solve the problem of his army carrying too much booty?
A: He ordered them to burn the extra weight.

What happened to Polymachus, the man who opened and rifled Cyrus’ sepluchre?
A: Alexander put him to death.


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