Test 2 Question List

Sophia has developed 10 questions, already approved by Dr. Sandridge, that Dr. Sandridge will go over during class until November 1st when the next essay exam is due. Please take good notes during the lectures that follow these questions, and we will be sure to post responses and talking points to each question once they are covered.

Enjoy, we hope this helps you better prepare to do well on the next essay exam!

1.) How do leaders gain the trust of their followers and prove their legitimacy?

2.)What are the advantages and disadvantages of having “praotes” (gentleness) towards one’s enemies?

3.) What role do lineage, experience, education, chance or nature play in the formation of a leader?

4.)  When should a leader step down from their leadership position and how?

5.) Explain the importance of practicing moderation in leadership. in terms of sophrosune (emotional restraint from fear, pity, love, lust, etc. ) and enkrateia (physical restraint from food, drink, sleep, extreme temperatures, etc.) Provide examples from the texts. 

6.) How do leaders determine what is “good” for the group they lead? Provide examples from the text.

7.) Where do we see examples of leaders seizing the kairos (window of opportunity) how does a leader recognize the kairos and what are the advantages of these situations?

8.) In what ways does ones physical characteristics and physical condition affect their ability to lead? Provide examples from the texts.

9.) what forms do force and coercion take in leadership, and how effective are they? Provide examples from the text.

10.) Is it important for a leader to sacrifice certain things, if so what kind of sacrifices should a leader make?


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