Quiz 8 Questions

1) According to Cicero, what are the qualities of Rome?
A: Virtus, imperium, and dignitas.

2) Who were the Romans most fearful of?
A: They were most fearful of the Gauls and the Germans.

3) Why were the Romans afraid of the Gauls?
A: The Gauls defeated them before.

4) What does “Maiestas” mean?
A: The greater-ness.

5) What did Caesar do to the Gauls?
A: He put them to death or into slavery

6) What is the name of the Romans’ God?
A: Jupiter.

7) Why is Jupiter the greatest and best?
A: He makes the Romans healthy and rich.

8) Who was the head of the Roman religion?
A: Caesar.

9) What are the 3 colleges of priests?
A: The augurs, the pontiffs, and the fifteen men.

10) What was Cicero’s role in the 3 colleges of priests?
A: He was an augur.

11) What is the name of Cleopatra’s father?
A: Ptolemy XII.

12) What is Ptolemy XII known for?
A:  He’s known for being a flute-player.

13) How many years younger is Cato than Caesar?
A: 5 years.

14) When was Caesar elected to the counsel?
A: 59 B.C.

15) How did politicians win voters’ support?
A: Through bribes.

16) Name one of the men who Julius asked support from.
A1: Crassus.
A2: Pompey.

17) Who did not look forward to facing Caesar in the election?
A: Bibulus.

18) Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus were dubbed what name by modern critics?
A: Three Headed Monster.

19) Cato emerged as spokesman for the elite at about what age?
A: He was in his sixties.

20) It is said that Caesar wanted to form strong political connections with whom?
A: Powerful but less hostile figures.

21) Caesar was the “Parens Patriae,” which means what in English?
A: Father of His Country.

22) How many consuls are there in a Roman republic?
A: Two.

23) What does “pontifex maximus” mean?
A: Bridge builder.

24) What were portents?
A: Signs of the gods.

25) What term is used to name the phenomena where when one person in an oligarchy is becoming too powerful, the others bring him/her back down?
A: The oligarchic rule.

26) Who is the author of “I Am Caesar?”
A: W. Jeffrey Tatum.

27) What did the Romans use as currency?
A: The sestertius.

28) What is Caesar’s full name?
A: Gaius Julius Caesar.

29)  What two classes were the Romans divided into?
A: Plebeians and patricians.

30) Of the two social classes in Rome, which far outnumbered the other?
A: The plebeians far outnumbered the patricians.

31)  Who was Caesar’s uncle?
A: Marius.

32)  What is the powerful group who hated Caesar called?
A: The optimates.

33) What did the chapters of the book originate from?
A: A series of lectures.

34) What did the Knights seek out?
A: Dignity.

35) What position were the senators voted into?
A: The quaestorship.

36) What is the name of the class after Knights?
A: First Class.

37) What did the Romans prize that allowed their city to function properly without a police force?
A: Conformity.

38) What’s the word for first impressions?
A: Res Novae.

39) What were Romans dedicated to?
A: Tradition.

40) Who put their son to death after disobeying the order “that no Roman shall leave their post what so ever?”
A. Torquatus.

41) How long did the magistrates hold office?
A: One Year.

42) What does “Res Republic” Mean?
A: The Public Thing.

43) Lucius Cornelius Scipio is the son of whom?
A: Gnaeus.

44) Who delivered the Panegryic at the funeral for Lucius Metellus?
A: Quintus Metellus.

45) Caesar’s aunt Julia was descended on her mother’s side from what?
A: Kings.

46) Who was Julia’s mother?
A: Marcia.

47) What year did Aurelia live in?
A: 54 B.C.


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