Caesar 1-40


  • Tattum introduces Caesar as a great man who is adored by many people and whose legacy lives on.
  • Caesar was “a skillful politician, an eloquent orator, a gifted writer and an inspired reforme” pg 3
  • Caesar was seen as being perfect by those of his time because he embodied what it meant to be a Roman
  • Caesar was adored and even worshiped pre- Christianity
  • Ceasar and Agustus were alike because they emerged to power from a civil war;
  • Tiberius was Agustus’ adopted son

Naming in Greece –

  • Praenomen- the first name
  • Nomen- name of the clan
  • Cognomen-hereditary or honorary
  • Women usually only had one name
  • Ceasar was born in 100 BC to an ancient patrician family (privileged family), which was on the decline; his uncle Marius went to civil war with Sulla and lost
  • He studied in the East did much military service,
  • As Caesar ruled, endured many problems but also conquered many obstacles that were put in his way
  • Romans loved conformity
  • Clothes told a lot about one’s social status

hegemonic- Ruling or dominant in a political or social context.
polemic -The art or practice of engaging in controversial debate or dispute.

Caesar was very ambitious and conquered Gauls
pontifex maximus-chief of roman civic religion
The people in Greece were usually very wealthy or not wealthy at all. Those who were wealthy funded the building of roads and buildings. These people were the first class

Chapter One:

  • The formation of Caesar, his life before he became the politician and idol to people .
  • In Rome people were characterized by wealth and reputation.
  • Senatorial families were the highest rich men who had won their position by election to a high publicoffice remained in public service as privileged advisors
  • equites- knights ( very rich as well)
  • prole tarii– everyone else baby makers (largest amount of people )
  • Politicians campaigned all year long because election happened every year so they were always giving gifts even though the vote of the poor didn’t count as much as that of the rich
  • A large part in being a senator was being able to cultivate people with your public speaking in greek and Latin. An aristocrat’s purpose is to showcase their superior talents, service the sena
  • highest office in the republic was that of the consul

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