Question 6 Talking Points

Question 6

In what ways does ones physical characteristics and physical condition affect their ability to lead? Provide examples from the text.


his odor (breath, clothes etc)

Temperance (happiness anger etc)

alcoholic habits

Moderation (or lack thereof)

Love of glory and pursuit of it




Epilepsy and Seizures

p. 45

“If Caesars epilepsy had begun to manifest itself during his teenaged years and epilepsy was a disease that frightened the Romans to the degree that a seizure at an assembly cancelled all public business for that day, his aunt and mother have despaired of his future” p

 Attractiveness in regards to his men’s opinion of him.

p. 99

“Lock up your wives……….” (In regards to Caesar)


Treatment of Flaminius by the Greeks

“In response, the Greek cities competed with one another in heaping praise on Flamininus…………”


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