Question 1 Talking Points


What are the advantages and disadvantages of having “praotes” (gentleness) towards ones enemies?

Possible Texts

Plutarch’s Life of Alexander: Translated by John Dryden

Always I am Caesar by W. Jeffrey Tatum

Supporting Points:


  • Causes others to have loyalty/ devotion towards their leader
    • Tribunes  (Mark Antony and Quintus) vetoed laws that were not in Caesars favor (pg 139)
  • Pompey exempts Caesar from law requiring candidates to submit a professio in person   (pg 130)
  • Earns leader tremendous amount of gratitude
  • Enhances dignitas (self Worth) of leader
    • Caesar refuses to take handouts from Pompey. Refused Pompey’s “protection and opted to receive victory on his own.  pg 134


  • Can create conflicting Loyalties
    • “For Crassiu: his friendship to his fellow oligarchs and his debts to them outweighed his obligation to Caesar. He must rescue them from his old and merciful master pg163
    • Cicero also showed confliction loyalties
    • Leaders, who have a community that encompass dignitas can be resented
      • “Now [Caesar]  had become a tyrant , the sole dispenser of prestige, to whom each of them owed a debt-greater than they could ever hope to repay pg 153
      • Of the known conspirators, some were followers of Popmey for whose fortunes and reputations had been restored but whose animosities were aggravated by Caesar’s mercy. Pg 155
      • In Alexander, Durius explains how it pains him so much, not to be abe to pay Alexander back
      • Cyaxares explains the pain he feels the community is forever in debt to Cyrus and no himself (pg 146-147)

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