Quiz 9 Study Questions

Hello class,

I hope you are all enjoying your 3 day weekend. The questions for Tuesday’s quiz are below. However, please note that Dr. S will only pull 8 questions from this list and create 2 of his own.

Thank you,



1. What sign will Aeneas be given to signal the place for him to found his city?

A: A white sow with thirty new-born pigs.

2. What does Scylla look like?

A: An attractive woman to the waist, but a monster below the waist.

3. Which route was Aeneas advised to take in order to bypass Scylla?

A: To skirt Sicily in a long arc rounding the Cape Pachynus.

4. What is the name of the prophetess Aeneas must seek out at the city of Cumae and Avernus’ haunted lakes and murmuring forests?

A: Sibyl.

5. Who is dubbed worthy to wed Venus?

A: Anchises.

6. What was the sailing Trojans’ first omen?

A: Four white horses on the grasslands.

7. What is Charybdis?

A: The name of dangerous cliffs Helenus warned the Trojans to avoid.

8. Who appears to the Trojans out of the woods, begging for mercy?

A: A starving, ship-wrecked man of Greek nationality.

9. What monster does the Greek stranger warn the Trojans about?

A: Cyclops.

10. What is the Latin word for “fate?”

A: Fatum.

11. Which god acts as Aeneas’ enemy?

A: Juno.

12. What does the Latin word “penates” mean?

A: Household gods.

13. What does the Latin word “pietas” mean?

A: Devotion, dutifulness.

14. What is the Latin word for “rage” or “fury?”

A: Furor.

15. What does the Latin word “gravitas” mean?

A: Weightiness, gravity.

16. The gods were pleased to crush the power of?

A: Priam and Asia

17. who maintained A great weight in gold for Priam?

A: the king of Thrace

18. Who stole the gold?

A: Agamemnon

19. Whats the name of the sacred island loved by Nereids’  mother, Aegean Neptune?

A: Delos

20. which god told them to,” search for your ancient mother. There your house, the line of Aeneas, will rule all parts of the world..”

A: Apollo

21. What animal was sacrificed to noble Apollo and Neptune?

A: A Bull

22. What’s the name of the famous Cretan Prince

A: Idomeneus

23. In book 3, where are the shipmates racing to?

A: Crete

24. Who denies the fields of Dicte: Crete?

A: Jove

25. What is the name of the place with this descrption, “Land of the West, an Ancient land, mighty in war and rich in soil?

A: Hesperia

26. What is the Greek name for the Turning Islands?

A: Strophades

27. who were the Trojans fighting while they were on the island of Strophades?

A: Harpies

28. Which group of people constructed the Trojan Horse?

A: The Greeks

29. Which goddess supposedly gifted the wooden Horse to the Trojans ?

A: Minerva

30. Who requests Aeneas to tell begin story ?

A: Dido

31. Who was devoured by two giant serpents ?

A: Sinon

32. Who appeared to Aeneas in a dream to inform him of Troy’s destruction?

A: Hector      

33. Who slaughtered King Priam ?

A: Pyhrrus

34. Who does Venus stop Aeneas from killing?

A: Helen

35. Who tells Aeneas to flee the city of Troy?

A: Venus

35. Who does Aeneas carry on his back while fleeing Troy?

A: Ascanius

36. What happened to Aeneas’ wife Creusa ?

A: She died and became formed as a spirit.  

37. What did the eagle of Jove’s mane of hair give off?

A: Ambrosial Fragrance

38. Where was Dido the Tyre building Juno a mighty temple?

A: Deep in the heart of Carthage

39. Who was Aeneas waiting for in the great temple?

A: Queen Juno

40. What is the name of the King of Sicily?

A: Acestes 

41. Who’s has brimmed the heavy golden bowl that the Queen calls for?

A: Belus and Belus’ sons 


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