Quiz 11 Questions

1. Where do the Trojans go because the weather is not fit for sailing?

A: Sicily.

2. Who is Aeneas’ Dardan friend that warmly welcomes them in Sicily?

A: Acestes.

3. How many ships competed in the ship race?

A: Four.

4. What ship and captain won the ship race?

A: Cloanthus and Syclla.

5. Who is Nisus’ great love?

A: Euryalus.

6. Who wins the boxing match: Dares or Entellus?

A: Entellus.

7. Why does Acestes win the archery contest although Eurytion shot down the dove?

A: His arrow shot into flames like a shooting star.

8. Who did the games honor?

A: Anchises.

9. Who does Juno send to burn down the Trojan fleet?

A: The goddess Iris.

10. How does Iris disguise herself?

A: As one of the weeping Trojan women.

11. What does Iris try to persuade the Trojan women to do?

A: To burn down the Trojan fleet.

12. How do the Trojan women know that Iris isn’t the real Beroe?

A: One of the women just left Beroe, who was sick.

13. How were the flames put out?

A: Jove sent a flood of rain.  

14. What did Allecto throw at Prince Turnus?

A: A Torch.

15. Who is the eldest son of Tyrrhus?

A: Almo.

16. Who was killed while begging for peace?

A: Galaesus.

17. What is the name of the famous place deep in Italy’s heart beneath high mountains?

A: The Valley of Amsanctus. 

18. Why was Latinus pressed to declare war on Aeneas’ son?

A: So that the deadly gates could be unbarred.

19. Who opened the iron Gates of War?

A: Saturn’s Daughter.

20. What animal does Ascanius kill that upsets Latinus’ herdsman?

A: A stag.

21. What were the names of Catillus’ twin sons?

A: Catillus and Coras.

22. What is the name of Neptune’s son?

A: Messapus.

23. Who accompanied Aeneas to the Underworld?

A: Sybil.

24. What god tried to bend Sybil to his will?

A: Apollo.

25. Who is the Mighty Queen of Heaven and Hell?

A: Hecate.

26. What is the name of the three-throated animal that howls in the Underworld?

A: Cerberus.

27. In the Underworld, who was wandering around with wounds still fresh?

A: The Phoenician Dido.

28. Who did Dido go to after Aeneas tried to talk to her?

A: Her husband Sychaeus.

29. Who was wandering mutilated around the Underworld?

A: Priam’s son, Deiphobus.

30. What’s the name of the river that you cross into the underworld?

A: The River Styx.

31. Which god did Venus go to for help?

A: Vulcan.

32. What is Vulcania?

A: The home of Vulcan.

33. What were the Cyclopes doing in the cave?

A: Forging Iron.

34. Who was the tyranic ruler of Agylla city?

A: King Mezentius.

35. What sign did Venus send to Aeneas?

A: A bolt of lightning. 

36. What did Aeneas do before going to war?

A: He worshipped the gods.

37. What gifts does Aeneas receive from Venus before combat?

A: Armor forged by Vulcan.

38. Who did the sons of Romulus battle?

A: King Tatius.

39. Who is called the Lord of Lemnos?

A: Vulcan.

40. Name the daughter of Latinus.

A: Lavinia.

41. Latinus rules which kingdom?

A: Latium.

42. Who tells Latinus to marry his daughter to a foreigner?

A: The Oracle of Faunus.

43. Aeneas and his captains used what as tables while eating on the beach?

A: Hard bread.

44. What does Aeneas send to Latinus?

A: Emissaries.

45. What does Aeneas request from Latinus?

A: Land for a new city.

46. What does Latinus give Aeneas?

A: Land and his daughter’s hand in marriage.

47. What is the name of Latinus’ wife?
A: Queen Amata.

48. Who is Allecto?

A: A fury sent from Juno to cause anger in Latium.

49. Which two did Allecto infect first?

A: Queen Amata and Turnus.

50. What place is twice as long as far as the gaze goes up to Olympus?

A: Tartarus.



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