Quiz 12 Questions

Final Quiz!!!!


1. What goddess visits Turnus and tells him to attack?
A: Iris.

2. Where did the Trojans fight instead of on the open field?
A: Behind their walls, guarding the camp.

3. What do the Trojans’ ships turn into?
A: Sea-nymphs.

4. Why does the Berecynthian Mother of Gods turn the Trojan ships into sea-nymphs?
A: The ships were made from a pinewood that she loved.

5. What personal motivation does Turnus have for wanting to kill the Trojans?
A: They stole his bride.

6. Which two Trojan warriors go off on a suicide mission together?
A: Nisus and Euryalus.

7. Who do Nisius and Euryalus go looking for?
A: Aeneas.

8. What does Iulus give Euryalus?
A: A sword of gold.

9. What does Euryalus take of Rhammes’?
A: His battle-emblems and gold-studded belt.

10. What does Euryalus wear of Messapus?
A: His helmet.

11. What gives Euryalus and Nisus away?
A: Messapus’ helmet glints in the dark.

12.Who is Nisus looking for in the woods?

A: Euryalus

13.Who did Nisus strike in the back with a spear?

A: Sulmo

14. Who killed Euryalus?

A: Volcens 

15. Who shot for the first time in war the flying arrow he saved?

A: Ascanius 

16. Name Alcanor of Ida’s offspring’s born by the nymph Iaera

A: Pandarus and Bitias

17. Name the power of war?

A: Mars

18. What is Jove’s message to the Trojan ranks?
A: Not to rush into war, the right time will come.

19. What does Venus suggest in opposition to Jove’s avoidance of war?
A: to use force to stop Turnus’ attack

20. Who does Venus  wish to protect, and whom Jove would spare?
A: her grandson, Ascanius

21. In terms of victory, who does the almighty Father think should win the battle?
A: Either the trojans or the Latians; whoever’s true fate is victory

22. Who does Aeneas seek help from, who he also joins forces with?
A: King Tarchon

23. Where was Aeneas when the clash begins?
A: In the sea, sailing to Tuscany

24. How many warships were traveling to rescue Troy?
A: 30

25. Who emerges from the sea and delivers the message to Aeneas about the status of the battle?
A: Cymodocea

26. Who commands the Trojans to land the ships?
A: Tarchon

27. What is Turnus’ immediate reaction to the arrival of the Trojans on the coast of Tuscany?
A: he deploys his force quickly against the Trojan force to fight them at the beaches

28. Who does Aeneas kill who dared to kill him first?
A: Theron

29. What’s the Title of Book 12?

A: The Sword Decides All

30. Whats the name of Turnus’s Father?

A:  Daunus

31. Who plead that Turnus not fight the Trojans?

A: Queen Amata

31. What’s the name of the messenger sent to Aeneas?

A: Idmon

33. Whose Chariot Rides the skyies Red to bring in Tomorrow’s  Darn?

A: Aurora’s

34. Who once wielded the spear that Turnus now holds?

A: Great Actor

35. What is the name of the Blood king of Assaracus?

A: Mnestheus

36. Who was looking out from a ridge now called the Alban Mount?

A: Juno

37. Who did Juno talk to, to aid her brother from death?

A:  Juturna

38. What object hit Aeneas as he talked with his troops?

A: An Arrow

39. With a slash from his sword who finished off Giant Osiris?

A: Thymbraeus

40. During the final battle, who were talking about what Fate has in store for the Trojans?

A: Jove and Juno

41. How many men carried the corpse of Pallas to King Evander?

A: 1000 men.

42. How long was the truce between both sides?

A: 12 days.

43. Who is the leader of the Volscians?

A: Camilla.

44. Who killed Camilla in battle?

A: Arruns.

45. Which Goddess send Opis to kill Arruns?

A: Diana.

46. Which Greek great warrior refused to come to the help of the Latins?

A: Diomedes.

47. Who is Camilla’s father?

A: Metabus.

48. Who did the Latins blame for the war?

A: Turnus.

49. Why was this person blamed for the war?

A: For his arrogance and stubbornness. 


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