First Two Essay Question!! (Final Exam)

Hey Class! Here are the first two study questions for Monday’s final. Sophia is working hard to produce questions and answers, and we’ll post them on the site throughout the week. So keep checking your email or the website!
1. “Fatum”, or fate, was a large component of Aeneas leadership in Virgil’s Aeneid. Additionally, the gods had a strong hand in the expanding scope of Aeneas’ power. Compare and contrast the role of “fatum” and the role of the gods in leadership for Aeneas and the other leaders from our readings. 

2. Describe some of the sacrifices that Aeneas faced in the Aeneid. Compare and contrast the profits (e.g. glory, empire, etc.) and the losses (deaths, emotional and physical hardships, etc.) of sacrifice in leadership amongst Aeneas and other leaders from our texts.

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