Study Questions 3-5

3. Leaders often incorporate their own cultural/social and familial traditions or philosophies into the foundations of the empires they create. How do the leaders we’ve studied include/preserve or stray from the traditions of their homelands?
4. Love, an intense feeling of deep affection. In the Aeneid we read the tragic death of Dido, a woman who killed herself because of the pain of the loss of her love; Aeneas. Is love beneficial or harmful when it comes to being a leader? 
5. “Furor”, which means rage or furry was a leadership aspect in the Aeneid. We read of Turnus’ furry towards Aeneas for stealing his bride and Aeneas’ furry towards Turnus for killing Pallas. Compare and contrast the role of “fuvor” in leadership in the Aeneid and for the other leaders we have read.

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