How to Use This Site

Hello Dr. Sandridges’s Ideas in Antiquity Class!

We’re calling this site an online study guide, because it contains all the tools you should need to succeed in this course…if you know how to use it.

“Sophrosune” (Self-restraint): You should find all the chapter summaries that will help you better understand the readings. These are not meant to replace the readings, but complement them. If you want to add to the summary or make an observation on the text, feel free to leave comments! All summaries have a print-out icon on the bottom of the page. We may also do some group readings on the weekends; if so, we’ll post the announcements under this heading as well.

  • The Education of Cyrus: These summaries give a paraphrasing of each paragraph, and the numbers correspond each line to its respective paragraph. This convenient format is brought to you by Cyrus’ Paradise, which you should all check out. It has the original Greek text, and some interesting comments left by other users.

“Arete” (Excellence): This is where the possible quiz questions will be posted in addition to announcements of study sessions.

“Dikaiosune” (Justice): This is to help you prepare for the two essay projects or leadership profiles.

“Sophia” (Wisdom): This is where the possible essay test questions will be posted in addtion to announcements of study sessions.

On the sidebar, you’ll find the “Course Schedule,” so you can keep track of reading assignments and upcoming tests and projects;  “Upcoming Events,” which will have a general  calendar of all groups readings/ study sessions and any events relevant to the course; and “Important Notices,” where we’ll put quiz dates, announcements Sandridge makes in class, and announcements from either of the four teams.

If you have any questions, contact

Good Luck!